OxNxExZ - Recording Artist & Music Producer for Hooded Masked Man

Government Name: Eric Tremaine Heard

Birth Date: Dec. 8th, 1990

Hometown: Joliet, IL "The Dead City"

Genre(s): Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, etc.

Label: Hooded Masked Man [Independent]

Title(s): Owner & Operator

Official Website: HoodedMaskedMan.com

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Eric Tremaine Heard, is the visionary force behind the stage name OxNxExZ. Hailing from what he calls “The Dead City” Joliet, Illinois, Eric's journey in life began on December 8th, 1990. From the age of 12 (2003), he embarked on a creative odyssey in producing, writing, and commanding the stage with his unique sound.

A true luminary in the realm of Hip Hop, OxNxExZ is not confined by genre boundaries; his musical prowess extends to crafting compositions that traverse diverse sonic landscapes. With over 15 mixtapes released to date, his artistry is a kaleidoscope of innovation, presenting fresh dimensions with each track.

Founding the enigmatic musical venture known as Hooded Masked Man in June 2006, OxNxExZ breathed life into this creative haven. In 2020, he was finally able to establish himself professionally as Hooded Masked Man & Hooded Masked Man Worldwide Publishing, solidifying his commitment to the art of music.

Behind the beats and rhymes lies a life story that defies the ordinary. OxNxExZ's journey has been one of hardship and resilience, marked by loss, adversity, and a relentless pursuit of growth. Raised in a single-mother household, with the early departure of his beloved older brother Andrew, he faced the harsh realities of poverty and homelessness from birth. Adversity became his crucible, fostering the resolve that would shape his destiny. 

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The streets became both refuge and battleground for OxNxExZ, where he navigated challenges that would have shattered most. His path was marred by the shadows of incarceration, an experience that bestowed upon him hard-won lessons and an insatiable hunger for knowledge. His education transcended the conventional, reflecting a tenacity to rise above circumstances and emerge as a beacon of change.

The metamorphosis occurred in April 2020, as OxNxExZ emerged with a renewed purpose. His narrative shifted from survival to success, from defiance to determination. A veteran of the system from as early as 9 years old, he stands as a testament of transformation, a phoenix that rose from the ashes of his past.

OxNxExZ's journey is a symphony of resilience, punctuated by live performances at numerous venues and his ability to harness the essence of music creation. Armed with a repertoire of original beats and a lyrical prowess that transcends boundaries, his artistry is a canvas of boundless innovation. Collaborator and mentor, he's helped a number of fellow artists and producers find their creative vision and sonic tapestries.

His narrative is etched not only in his music but also in his life's philosophy – a belief in learning from life itself, and in embracing unity during divided times. OxNxExZ's journey is a testament to humanity's potential to endure, transform, and uplift. As he forges ahead, he beckons others to heed the call – each one teach one, a mantra that binds us all as human beings. 

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